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Use of Video Cameras on School Property

Code No.  502.11

The board supports the use of video cameras on school buses and school facilities as a means to monitor and maintain a safe environment for students and employees.  The contents of the videotapes may be used as evidence in a student disciplinary proceeding.

Student Records

The content of the videotapes is a student record subject to board policy and administrative regulations regarding confidential student records.  Only those persons with a legitimate educational purpose may view the videotapes.  In most instances, those individuals with a legitimate educational purpose may be the superintendent, building principal, transportation director, bus driver and special education staffing team. A parent may view the video without consent from any student or parent also shown in the video if the other students are just bystanders.  If there is an altercation between multiple students, then all parents must give consent in order for the video to be viewed by parents. 

A videotape recorded during a school activity, such as an athletic event, may also be accessible to the sponsor or coach of the activity.  If the content of the videotape becomes the subject of a student disciplinary proceeding, it will be treated like other evidence in the proceeding.


The school district will annually provide the following notice to students and parents:

The Clarinda Community School District Board of Directors has authorized the use of video cameras in school buildings and on school grounds.  The video cameras will be used to monitor student behavior, to maintain order, and to promote and maintain a safe environment.  Students and parents are hereby notified that the content of the videotapes may be used in a student disciplinary proceeding.  The content of the videotapes are confidential student records and will be retained with other student records.  Videotapes will only be retained if necessary for use in a student disciplinary proceeding or other matter as determined necessary by the administration.  Parents may request to view videotapes of their child if the videotapes are used in a disciplinary proceeding involving their child.

The following notice will also be placed on all school buses equipped with a video camera:

This bus is equipped with a video/audio monitoring system.                    

Review of Videotapes

The school district will review videotape when necessary as a result of an incident reported by a school employee or student.  The videotapes may be re-circulated for erasure after 10 days.

Viewing of videotapes is limited to the individuals having a legitimate educational purpose.  A written log will be kept of those individuals viewing the videotapes stating the time, name of individual viewing and the date the videotape was viewed.

Video Monitoring System

Video cameras may be used to monitor school facilities and equipment.

Determination of how video cameras will be used and where they will be placed will be made by the superintendent in consultation with the building principals.

Student Conduct

Students are prohibited from tampering with the video cameras.  Students found in violation of this policy will be disciplined in accordance with the school district discipline policy and Good Conduct Rule and will reimburse the school district for any repairs or replacement necessary as a result of the tampering.

Initially Approved  03-12-2012             Last Reviewed 02-09-2015               Last Revision      


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