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Junior-Senior Open/Off Campus Rules

Code No.  501.11E1

Open/Off Campus Guidelines

Juniors and seniors may apply for Open/Off Campus privileges.  Students do not have a right to Open/Off Campus; it is an option provided those juniors and seniors who have demonstrated a high level of maturity and can handle the responsibilities of a less structured school environment.  Students on Open/Off Campus are required to be in attendance during the times their classes are in session and for scheduled assembly programs.  Seniors, who are passing all classes and exhibit responsible behavior, are not required to attend first or sixth period study halls.  Juniors, who are passing all classes, must have earned Open/Off Campus privileges to be excused for any portion of the school day, including study hall first or sixth period.  It is very important that students on Open Campus are in school for their classes.  The Open Campus option is awarded to students who have earned a GPA of 2.60 for the previous grading period and received passing grades in all courses.

Students opting for Open/Off Campus must adhere to the following responsibilities:

Exhibit responsible behavior, defined as:

(1)  Students must be on time for class.

A.  Any student reported tardy three or more times in a HEX will forfeit his Open/Off Campus for the remainder of that HEX.

B.  Students late (10 or more minutes) on two occasions in a HEX will forfeit their Open/Off Campus for the remainder of the HEX.

(2)  Students reported unexcused for any part of the school day will forfeit their Open/Off Campus for the remainder of that HEX (in-school and out-of-school suspensions are considered unexcused absences).

(3)  Repeated violations of school rules/policies may result in the forfeiture of Open/Off Campus.

(4)  Students will forfeit their Open/Off Campus if found with a truant or unexcused student.

(5)  Students found to have violated the Good Conduct Policy will forfeit their Open/Off Campus for the term of the Good Conduct ineligibility.

Abide by the following guidelines:

(1)  Students reporting to campus must be in either a supervised classroom or study area.  Loitering in the hallways, school parking lot, student vehicles, general school grounds, or being in an unsupervised area will not be tolerated and is cause to terminate “Open/Off Campus.”

(2)  Open/Off campus students must have a pass from a teacher to access the library computer lab.

(3)  Students are responsible for reading the daily announcements and being alert to altered time schedules.  Announcements will be posted outside the office.

(4)  Students are to be sure to clean and reorganize the area within the Commons they occupy during Open/Off Campus.

  1. All school work must be current.
  2. Students must be in attendance for all classes to be eligible for co/extracurricular activities.
  3. Open/Off Campus students may not provide carryout food for themselves during lunch or for other students at any time. 
  4. Parents must have signed a completed Open/Off Campus application and the application must be on file in the office for a student to be eligible for Open/Off Campus.

Note:  A parent or the principal may remove Open/Off Campus privileges from a student at any time.


(Detach bottom portion of this sheet and return to the office.)


My signature below indicates that I have read the information on this sheet.  I agree to comply with the rules and procedures established for Open/Off Campus.  I understand that failure to comply will result in the loss of Open/Off Campus privileges.


Signature of Student _______________________________________________   Date  ______________



My signature below indicates that I have read the information above and give my permission for my son/daughter to be on Open/Off Campus.  I understand that my son/daughter is responsible for their own transportation with on Open/Off Campus.


Signature of Parent  _______________________________________________   Date  ______________




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