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Certificate of Training Chemical Right to Know

Code No. 403.4E1

Everyone should be aware of potential chemical hazards at the work place and how to properly handle chemicals.  Each school employee is required by state law to receive training in the hazards and proper handling of chemicals in the work place.  The only means available for the district to provide the training is to have an employee view a video tape produced by the state.  We apologize for the lack of vigor and warmth in the video presentation, but it is necessary that you attempt to glean the information even if the presentation is not exciting.


While the tapes can be viewed individually to satisfy the legal requirements, it is recommended that they be viewed in small groups so that discussion and clarification can be obtained.  At the present time there is no legal requirement that you must repeat the viewing of the Right to Know video, but if you would like to do so, the tape will be made available.


When you have completed the required training, please complete the following form and send it (or a copy) to the Central Office for filing.


I hereby certify I have viewed the required “Chemical Right to Know” video tape.


Date of Viewing


Signature of Employee                               


Clarinda Community School District Board of Directors

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