Confessions of a Closet Catholic
By Sarah Littman

Justine Silver's best friend, Mary Catherine McAllister, has given up chocolate for Lent. Although she's not Catholic, Jussy wants to be supportive, so she decides to give up something too. But chocolate? Jussy doesn't thing God wants her to make that kind of sacrifice.Her solution? She decides to give up being Jewish instead.Jussy's bedroom closet becomes ehr confessional as she pours out her sins to her teddy bear, "Father Ted." But when her beloved Bubbe suffers a stroke, Jussy worries that her religious exploration is responsible. Worse, Jussy must suddenly contemplate life without Bubbe, the one person who seems to understand her.

My Reflections:
Religion-funny parts.
ICC 07-08
AR 5.5 7 points